Decantus-To-Go Wine Aerator (Carded) formerly 34-7705
Decantus To Go Wine Aerator, Carded

Decantus-To-Go Wine Aerator (Carded) formerly 34-7705

Wholesale Price $16.40
Suggested Retail Price:$30.99
Item #046538

This wine aerator enhances wine's flavor and bouquet by using the Bernoulli Effect to mix oxygen with the wine which reduces sulfites and softens tannins in the wine. This process substantially improves the taste of the wine and increases the value of the wine you buy. It comes with three pieces including a base to hold it and a carry bag. The Decantus-To-Go can be displayed both sitting on a shelf or counter and hung on a display.

 The Decantus-To-Go makes a Great Gift for under $35.00.

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