Pocket Corkscrew (Bulk-48 quantity) Assorted colors,  formerly 10-3008
Plastic Pocket Corkscrew

Pocket Corkscrew (Bulk-48 quantity) Assorted colors, formerly 10-3008

Wholesale Price $0.50
Suggested Retail Price:$0.99
Item #026001
  • Low Cost: Under a Buck
  • Convenient: Keep them near the register.    
  • Perfect Size: Fits in a pocket or purse.
  • Assorted Colors: Current Mix: New translucent colors: Red, Clear, Purple, Green, Smoke and Blue. Other colors: Turquoise, Lime, Lemon, Mango (orange), Raspberry, Baby Pink, Black, Grape, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Medium Green, Dark Green, Red, Woodtone (Yellow), Silver Gray, Chocolate Brown, White and Beige (Bone) -12 of each. (Colors may vary.)
  • Optional Display Tub: See in the "Tub Counter Displays" section (Search for "Tub" on this site.).
Strong, two-piece ABS plastic corkscrew. The protective sheath comes off to form a firm crossbar handle.
The Pocket Corkscrew is the one wineware item a store should have.  Cheap enough to be disposable, small enough to fit in a pocket.  It is perfect for travelers and picnickers.

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